• Software RentalStyle

    Autodesk Desktop Subscription (was software rental) is designed to give your business access to the latest and most appropriate Autodesk software solution as your project requirements dictate.The software rental model gives you the maximum flexibility to meet individual project needs as you need it when you need it.
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  • Workstation HireStyle

    Reduce your project hardware costs by taking advantage of our HP CAD Workstation Rental Plans. Workstation hire even includes monitor as well and software installation if required.
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  • CAD ServicesStyle

    CAD Services With decades of experience our professional CAD services hire team can help with time sensitive projects rangng from 3D modelling & design through to high end Architectural visualisations. Call for more details.....
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  • Autodesk 360Style

    Autodesk 360 - Harness the power of the cloud using Autodesk 360 Cloud services with selected Autodesk rental software & enjoy access to massive computing power for energy anaysis, civil design, structural design and more.....
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Cad Hire UK - Cad Workstation Hire & Software Specialists

With a decade of hands on experience in the CAD software rental market place, CADHireUK (part of Adris Ltd, an Autodesk Platinum partner) has a wealth of knowledge and an enviable track record in delivering rental solutions in support of major manufacturing and construction projects across the UK.

Autodesk software rental (now re-branded to Autodesk Desktop Subscription ) is only one part of the solution we deliver. Our service also provides a one stop shop designed to take away the headache of setting up additional capacity, enabling you to meet your extended project needs, add extra computing power to your render network to help you meet important project deadlines, or even help you set up a temporary CAD office.

In addition to offering the latest selected Autodesk software for rental we can also supply the latest HP Cad workstations and monitors on a rental basis too, so you don’t need to invest in expensive CAD hardware that will not be required once the project has completed.

To compliment our workstation and CAD Software hire services we can also supply additional equipment on a purchase or rental basis subject to consultation and required rental terms, as well as support & installation services.
To find out more or to discuss your future requirements simply give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you.

Software & Hardware Rental For New Businesses

CAD Hire is an excellent and very useful facility for new businesses helping them compete with best in class companies by using world class software from Autodesk and HP CAD workstations right from the outset.

As leading suppliers to the CAD industry for nearly three decades we fully understand the needs of new businesses where the juggling act of balancing required capital expenditure with essential cash flow is a constant headache that most start-ups could do without.

By taking advantage of Autodesk software rental facilities and renting certified HP workstations, emerging companies can really accelerate their productivity curve as your business will be building from a tried and tested highly productive technology platform from day one.
This means that your company can grow from a position of strength and not spend months or years working with far less productive and feature rich technology or underpowered cad hardware until the business builds up capital or credit facilities.
To accelerate your business growth simply give us a call or drop us an email, and one of our experienced industry consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

CAD Hardware & Software Rental For Projects

With ever changing staffing requirements depending the number and size of the contracts you may have on the go at any one time, using CAD Hire for your projects makes sound commercial sense and can help you save thousands on projects costs adding directly to bottom line profitability.

Autodesk software rental facilities mean that you can enjoy the extra flexibility of increasing or decreasing your license count as your project workload dictates.  Autodesk rental software compliments your existing perpetual license holding and allows you to increase your company’s license numbers as and when you need to meet flexible staffing requirements.
This also applies to your CAD hardware as you will be able to hire CAD certified HP workstations to ensure contractors and temporary staff can be as productive as possible, and additionally  if you need to set up remote onsite facilities CADHireUK can even help with remote CAD office setups.

Simply give us a call to discuss your needs or project requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Workstation & Software Rental For Contractors

Contracting can be a very rewarding experience, as it gives you the flexibility to work on a wide variety of different projects for a number of different companies.

One of the big challenges that many contractors face however is the requirement to invest in different versions of CAD software to meet contract requirements and that’s where CAD Hire delivers a very definitive benefit.

Whilst you can still maintain your core cad software, Autodesk software rental allows you to rent different versions of their most productive software platforms for either the short term or even long term depending on how long any particular contract lasts.

This means you’ll be free from the need to purchase and maintain additional licenses that would otherwise be redundant on the one hand, whilst ensuring that more of your contracting fee remains in your bank, not tied up in unused software that may not be required for the next few years.

If you need to supply your own machine, you can simply take advantage of our CAD Workstation Rental program.

To find out how you can save money and possibly open up more contracting opportunities by having Cad Software available on tap, give us a call today.

CAD Services

CAD software and hardware rental is the perfect solution for short term project needs, but if it has been a while since you used a version of any computer aided design software it can take some time to get yourself conversant with the newer technology.

It may be a more cost effective solution in this scenario for you to hire the services of our own CAD Services team instead.  The team are highly experienced across many industry sectors and disciplines, and have helped a wide range of businesses from single designers to global multi-nationals successfully deliver basic, and at the other end of the spectrum highly complex projects on time and under budget.

To find out the range CAD services available simply give us a call or visit our CAD Services page for more information. 

Customer Success

Given our pedigree in the CAD Hire and rental market place we are pleased to have been very successfully involved in a huge number of projects for a wide range of companies over the years...Below is just a small sample of some of our previous rental clients:


SEC Sainsburys Skanska
 Vear  WSP  Mitie  NBG
Scitech Nuance  NG-Bailey


For small or large projects simply give us a call to see how renting Autodesk software and CAD hardware can help you meet your business needs at an affordable monthly cost.

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CAD Hire Benefits

Autodesk software rental offers exceptional licensing flexibility as either a rental only model, or a complimentary licensing model designed to work in harmony with clients existing perpetual licenses. Additional benefits also include:

  • On Tap Availability
  • Affordable Monthly Outlay
  • Easy To Budget
  • Scalable Licensing
  • CAD Workstation Options
  • Latest Software
  • Flexible Rental Terms
  • Experienced Team

Autodesk Desktop Subscription Prices

building-design-suite-ultimate-2015-rentalAutodesk Desktop Subscription (Software Rental) plans give even the smallest business access to world class technology at a price break that makes sense.

Rental plans even for Design Suites start from a weekly equivalent of only:

£34.61 plus vat*

*rental based on AutoCAD Design Suite Standard on annual rental – actual price will vary for term of rental and license type – please call for details.

Software Rental Prices

CAD Workstation Rental Prices

Workstation-rental-pricesCAD Workstations can be a costly investment, but our very affordable CAD Workstation Rental plans mean that you will be able to have access to the latest CAD computers on tap and only pay for their use as long as the project dictates, with pricing starting from a weekly equivalent of only:

£49 plus vat inc. monitor*  

 *rental based on 6 months rental period for an HP Z230 workstation and monitor - for more details and other rental periods please call.

 Workstation Rental Prices