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    Autodesk Desktop Subscription (was software rental) is designed to give your business access to the latest and most appropriate Autodesk software solution as your project requirements dictate.The software rental model gives you the maximum flexibility to meet individual project needs as you need it when you need it.
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    Reduce your project hardware costs by taking advantage of our HP CAD Workstation Rental Plans. Workstation hire even includes monitor as well and software installation if required.
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    CAD Services With decades of experience our professional CAD services hire team can help with time sensitive projects rangng from 3D modelling & design through to high end Architectural visualisations. Call for more details.....
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    Autodesk 360 - Harness the power of the cloud using Autodesk 360 Cloud services with selected Autodesk rental software & enjoy access to massive computing power for energy anaysis, civil design, structural design and more.....
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Autodesk 360 Rental Cloud Services

Autodesk-360-Cloud-Rental-services2When you purchase an Autodesk software rental plan you are not only getting access to flexible licensing,but you'll also have access to a variety of Autodesk 360 services depending on your rental product.

For storage your Autodesk 360 storage capacity increases to 25GB from the standard 5GB limit. This will enable you collaborate and publically or privately share a large amount of essential project information as required.

Additional Autodesk 360 cloud services are also available depending on your rental plan. Cloud services give you access to massive amounts of computer power so you can perform essential task an order of magnitude faster that you could possible do on on your desktop PC or laptop alone.

This allows rental license users to accelerate the delivery of their project or analyze the impact of potential design changes early in the process as an example.

Autodesk 360 cloud Services include:

  • Rendering
  • Energy Analysis
  • Civil Design
  • Design optimisation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Collaboration

These cloud services are based on cloud credits so for all Suites (including LT Suites) and point products (excluding basic LT products) you'll receive 100 cloud credits for annual plans and 30 cloud credits for quarterly plans. Additional cloud credits can also be purchased if you want to ramp up your usage of the massive computing power of Autodesk 360 cloud.

Also available on Autodesk 360 are a variety of services and apps including the AutodeskĀ® 360 mobile app, AutoCADĀ® 360 and Autodesk FormIt to name but a few. more information about Autodesk 360 can be found here or give us a call.